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A group of friends

This summer I discovered a new kind of travel, which is a regular sea charter on a comfortable yacht. It happened when my friends and I were on holiday in Mallorca and we decided to go to Ibiza for a fun-filled evening.

photo Ibiza

The idea of using a sea charter came to our girls’ minds. They chose the EDENROC for the crossing. The question of renting a boat was solved quickly and directly with the captain. It was very convenient, because in summer it can be difficult to book a boat through online services. In addition, we were offered a significant discount, which was very pleasant.

photo charter yacht Edenroc and seagull

We were delighted with the journey! Such speed, power, the vastness of the open sea! In addition, the girls managed to take lots of photos and videos for Instagram.

At one point, we decided to stop for an anchorage, although we had not planned to, because the voyage itself takes 5-6 hours. We went for a swim and a dip. It was a completely different experience than splashing around on the shore! We even drank some champagne and relaxed a little bit, while initially we thought it would be a long and difficult trip. It turned out that you can have almost all the pleasures on a yacht!

It is worth mentioning that the yacht is beautifully equipped. Three luxury cabins, galley, showers, comfortable lounge area on the covered deck. We decided that if everything works out, the next year we would arrange a longer rent and go to explore the whole coast.

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