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Sea charter Edenroc: an unforgettable adventure

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

We receive many requests as follows: 'I would like to spend my time in an unusual and very special way'. It is understandable – a hotel holiday in Mallorca, Spain or on the beach is a boring experience for many people.

More than once I have wondered, what kind of offer can combine the comfort of a five-star hotel, pleasure of beach activities with the spirit of adventure, fun of parties and the excitement of fishing.

Incredibly, I found it all in one place, which is the EDENROC, a luxury yacht!

photo Edenroc charter yacht

A sea charter to Palma de Mallorca was a real find for me. The cabin could easily be mistaken for a suite in a luxury hotel. Clean and spacious, a huge double bed, a shower unit, a beautiful design, even its own kitchen - it has everything you need for a comfortable life.

Moreover, once you are upstairs, you will not find yourself in a luxury suite but on a beautiful boat, gently lapping the waves and rushing ahead. Here you can sit on a leather armchair, sip champagne and feel like the king of the world amidst all the splendour around you!

photo cabin on the upper deck Edenroc

Renting a private yacht in Mallorca leaves holidaymakers totally free. One can sail to any of the archipelago’s anchorages on his/her own, admiring the scenery and beauty of the coastline and sailing into any of the 30 harbors along the way. If desired, one can even stop in Ibiza or Menorca along the way to see the famous sights and soak up the wonderful atmosphere of local towns.

Mallorca sea charter for a holiday closes another of my clients’ questions: 'How to make a holiday interesting for everyone?'. It is suitable for couples in love, families with children and groups of friends. The charter allows travelers to plan their own itinerary and holiday. One can have a loud party, sunbathe on deck, take a dip in the open sea, or simply sit back in a comfortable chair and feel the pleasant sea spray on your face.

For those looking for extreme thrills, renting a boat in Mallorca will allow them to go jet skiing or tubing, try water skiing, stand up on a SUP board or swim board.

An exclusive activity that is also available on this charter is sea fishing. 'Big Game' is ideal for men’s companies. All the necessary equipment is on board and an experienced instructor is on hand to help you catch the big fish weighing between 100 and 200 kilos.

I recommend the EDENROC charter to many of my clients and every one of them says: 'This is what we were looking for!' You should try it too!

photo evening vacation on the yacht Edenroc

You can negotiate the charter yacht in Mallorca and the price in person with its owner without any intermediaries or additional commissions, which is especially convenient for tourists. A nice bonus is that you can discuss your individual requirements right away such as the crew, dates, duration of the voyage, organization of a party, children’s party or fishing trip and even to negotiate a personal discount.

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