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How to choose a yacht for a trip

I have been designing marine yachts for a couple of decades. Now I am the owner and head of a small business providing them for rent on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. And although my tasks are somewhat different, I am still interested in watching the evolution in the creation of marine vessels.

With the growing competition, the prices for charter yacht rentals in Majorca have decreased somewhat. Recreation has become more accessible.

My clients often ask the question of how to choose the right sea vessel for a trip.

To begin with, sea yachts are classified by purpose, type of drive, and hull model. If we talk about scheduled sea charters, then cruise ships are used here, providing passengers with a certain level of comfort. Although in sports clubs, you can also rent a racing yacht. Fast and maneuverable.

There are three types of drive.

sailing yacht

1. Sailing yachts. They are simply created for romantic adventures. Contrary to popular opinion, you can travel on them quite comfortably. In this class there are cruising vessels with cozy cabins, galley, bathroom. Moreover, a boat rental with an experienced crew is available in Majorca. The main disadvantages of traveling are difficulties with management, drift during calm. And they are intended more for long crossings, and not for charter flights between the islands.

sailing and motor yacht

2. Sailing and motor yachts allow you to get a lot of impressions from sailing under fluttering sails. You can switch to a motor drive in case of calm, fatigue, or to get to your destination faster. As for me, this is a good option if there are no children on board and large companies gathered on the occasion of the celebration.


3. Catamarans are increasingly being offered for charters to Palma de Mallorca. A larger area for accommodation means a higher level of comfort. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the instability of the vessel during lateral drift during a storm, some nuances in maneuvering when entering the harbor due to the large width of the vessel. This is also associated with a high parking fee, which is reflected in the final rental cost.

motor yacht

4. Motor yachts allow you to completely relax and enjoy the trip. They are fast, maneuverable, comfortable and safe. A great option for traveling with family or friends will be to rent a yacht with a flybridge or with an upper open deck. It offers stunning views, and the area allows you to accommodate a large company.

Motor yachts also have some disadvantages. This is a large fuel consumption and an increased noise level when the engines are running under maximum load.

But, when traveling between the islands of the Balearic archipelago, it is not necessary to travel long distances. A calm swimming is more appropriate here, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Frequent stops for swimming in the open sea are also expected. Or visits to the harbor for sightseeing and a pleasant pastime on the shore.

Taking into account the peculiarities of local recreation, you can safely give preference to motor yachts. And enjoy your vacation in peace, without fear of high boat rental fees due to fuel overspending.

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