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Charter Balearic

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Family (husband, wife, two children)

photo Palma de Mallorca

While being on a family holiday in Mallorca, we decided to visit Menorca as well. The question was how to get there. The ferry for sea carriage of goods and passengers fell out at once. Taking a taxi to the departure point and then another 2 hours by sea with two children seemed tiring.

That is when I thought of the yachts docked at the port of Palma. I chose the EDENROC. It turned out that it was easy to negotiate a marine vessel charter! All one had to do was ask the vessel’s captain. There were no advance reservations, no advance payments and no dealing with intermediaries. Moreover, when the owner found out that we wanted to go on a family voyage, he offered us a discount.

photo Edenroc yacht

The very next day, at the appointed time, we boarded the boat. To be honest, I had not expected our journey to be so pleasant and comfortable. From the open deck, my wife and I admired the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. It is probably only possible to appreciate it at its true value from a yach.

The sailing proved to be fast and comfortable. The children enjoyed the trip the most. You should have seen their eyes light up when the captain gave them a master class in steering the boat! Then they went to play in the cabin. We felt at ease because we knew it was absolutely safe and they would not fall overboard.

yacht Edenroc photo

We were very pleased with the adventure, although we had not even planned it originally. It turned out to be very convenient and there was plenty to do on board. Next time we want to rent a charter specifically for holidays and not just as a means of transport.

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