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On a yacht along the coast of the island of Mallorca

This year I realized my dream - to sail a yacht along the coast of the island of Mallorca! My wife does not really like such trips because of the minimum of amenities, and with children such a trip is doubly difficult to transfer.

The only way to save your nerves and satisfy all requests was to rent a private yacht in Mallorca. The choice fell on "EDENROC". I liked the fact that there were only positive reviews about her. And everything looked very beautiful in the photo.

There were two double cabins on the yacht. We did not think that they would be so big (after all, these are not hotel rooms), but we more than comfortably accommodated the whole family in them.

My wife was delighted with the kitchen. Although it is small, it has everything you need. I even managed to cook pancakes for breakfast.

And evening gatherings on the open deck with a glass of wine is something. Especially during sunset, the coast was incredibly beautiful.

The vacation flew by unnoticed. And we didn't even feel any discomfort. The feeling that we were resting in a five-star hotel!

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