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Place of interest Palma de Mallorca

I often hear the opinion that Palma de Mallorca is just luxury hotels on the islands belonging to Spain. As a tour guide with experience, I hasten to note that this is far from the case. Right off the bat I can name several objects worthy of travelers' attention:

Cathedral of La Seu

The Cathedral of La Seu with its dizzying architecture. It was founded in the XIII century in memory of the Holy Virgin Mary, who saved the Spanish fleet from sinking. Today, his ensemble is admired: a red roof with pointed domes, loophole windows and a central window with stained glass, which is considered the largest in the world.

Palace of King Alcazar Almudain

The current residence of the kings of Spain is the Palace of King Alcazar Almudain. The first mention of it dates back to the beginning of our era. It is he who is displayed on the coat of arms and flag of the state. Today, any of the travelers can visit its luxurious halls. Of course, provided that the current king is not on his territory. And in the summer it happens often.

Passeo des Born Street

Passeo des Born Street in Palma de Mallorca is the center of attraction for tourists. Numerous outdoor cafes, boutiques and shops are located here under the crowns of plane trees, concerts of classical and modern music are held. But even in the middle of the 19th century there was a ravine and a small river flowing along its bottom.

Arab baths originate in the X or XI century AD. During the entire time of their existence, they were constantly being rebuilt and improved. The central hall with 12 majestic columns, a unique water and floor heating system has survived to this day. Did you think that underfloor heating is an invention of the XX century?

Bellver Castle has long been firmly ranked among the 20 most amazing and well-preserved castles in Europe. It was erected by the Knights Templar at the very beginning of the XIV century. It is still shrouded in mystical secrets and an atmosphere of insidious conspiracies. But between you and me, this is a great viewing platform. The main tower offers a magnificent view of Palma de Mallorca, the Mediterranean Sea and the port crowded with yachts.

The Church of St. Eulalia with its unique architecture and interesting history. The structure with high pointed domes dates back to 1216. Coronations of heirs to the throne and executions of gentiles took place here. During its existence, it has burned more than once. And every time there were people ready to restore it. By the way, a perennial olive tree grows nearby, which is also a landmark and a symbol of the city.

I have named only a small part of the objects in the vicinity of the marina of Palma de Mallorca worthy of attention. Traveling on charter yachts along the Mediterranean coast, it is worth staying in the port for a couple of days. In order not only to plunge headlong into the world of entertainment, but also to get acquainted with the history of the city.

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