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Sea charter: a comfortable journey and enjoyable holiday

Hotel holidays in Mallorca, Spain and beaches are not the only kind of fun here. The comfort of a first-class hotel, pleasure of a beach holiday, fun of mind-blowing parties, excitement of fishing and much more in one place, all this can be experienced on the EDENROC, a luxury yacht.

A sea charter in Palma de Mallorca leaves holidaymakers totally free. You can sail to any of the archipelago’s anchorages on your own, admiring the sea scenery and the beauty of the coastline along the way. There are around thirty harbors on the islands, which can accommodate a yacht. If you wish, you can stop in Ibiza or Menorca along the way to see the famous sights and soak up the wonderful atmosphere of local towns.

Renting a private yacht in Mallorca allows travelers to plan their own itinerary and holiday. You can simply get where you want to go and spend time on board or embark on a small sailing adventure with visits to ports in different towns, where picturesque beaches and vibrant nightlife await you. Archipelago guests are not tied to a place or time constraint, as is sometimes the case with organized excursions.

Mallorca sea charter for a holiday is suitable for couples in love, families with children and groups of friends. There are plenty of activities available for all ages along the way and at anchorages. No one will be bored!

Renting a boat in Mallorca will allow you to swim in the open sea. To spice things up, one can take advantage of the powerful underwater propulsion vehicle on board, go jet skiing or tubing, try water skiing, stand up on a SUP board or swim board.

The owners of private yachts and boats in Mallorca offer their guests exciting activities such as sea fishing. Men especially like the 'Big Game' or tuna hunt. All the necessary equipment is on board and an experienced instructor is on hand to help you catch big fish weighing between 100 and 200 kilos.

You can negotiate the charter yacht in Mallorca and the price in person with its owner without any intermediaries or additional commissions. In this case, it is possible to discuss your individual requirements such as the crew, duration of the voyage, organization of a party, children’s party or fishing trip and even to negotiate a personal discount.

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