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The promenade of Palma de Mallorca

What is the attraction of parking in the port or marina of Palma de Mallorca? Read the review of an experienced yachtsman below.

The port was opened in 2011. After 6 years, it underwent reconstruction. Today it is the largest marina in the immediate vicinity of the bustling promenade of Palma de Mallorca. The area of the water surface is 73.5 thousand m2. Of these berths occupy 27.8 thousand m2. In total there are 4 internal pontoons and 1 external berth. It can accommodate yachts and boats from 12 to 50 m long.

There is a guarded parking lot in the port. However, the vessels stationed at the berths are under round-the-clock surveillance. This makes the parking of the yacht absolutely safe, regardless of whether you will be on board or not.

For owners of charter yachts and independent travelers, it will be useful to refuel during the voyage, the availability of marine shipyards for repairs or scheduled maintenance of the yacht. By the way, the port has systems for pumping out used fuel, which makes all processes environmentally safe.

The ship's crew has the opportunity to take a shower, use public bathrooms, laundry and cleaning services, charge gadgets without disturbing customers.

The concierge service at the port will help passengers to order their favorite dishes and drinks, flowers and gifts. They will be served directly on board the yacht. With the help of Internet services, travelers can get acquainted with the events held on the shore. For example, concerts, sporting events, golf tournaments. You can also use the services of a diving center and admire the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea.

Independent, but not quite self-confident travelers, coastal services will help with maneuvering during entry into the harbor. An excellent service, considering the cost of the yacht, even if insured. A shuttle service to and from the shore will also be provided.

The promenade of Palma de Mallorca, in my opinion, never falls asleep, except during a lunch siesta. The rest of the time it is filled with the noise of numerous restaurants, cafes, nightclubs. Here you can easily find a place to try cocktails, dance, sing karaoke, play a game of bowling or billiards. I will modestly keep silent about the rest of the pleasures. The largest city on the island of Majorca is worth discovering gradually.

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