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Traveling with my girlfriend on a yacht

I live in Spain and used to spend holidays with my girlfriend, traveling on a yacht between the islands of the Balearic archipelago. Going to sail once again, I remembered that friends are planning a small anniversary - a wedding anniversary. We decided to invite them to show the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

I usually prefer to stand at the helm myself. But this time I wanted to spend time together, comfort, delicious food, drink a couple of glasses of wine and fish a little. I turned to the owner of the yacht "EDENROC", he is just organizing sea charters for holidays in Majorca. Judging by the reviews, he has an excellent reputation among vacationers. We agreed to rent a yacht without any problems. Rent a boat for a week, and the owner offered a good discount and the services of a fishing instructor. It was nice!

Everything went according to plan until a message came that the weather at the friends' departure airport had deteriorated and the flight was postponed. This meant that by the time we agreed with the captain, we also did not have time. I started to worry, but to my surprise, they agreed to wait for us without any questions. I called the captain and in a couple of minutes we agreed on everything. We were not even charged an additional fee, although the staff had to wait for us for at least an hour.

The journey itself is beyond praise! I won't talk about the beauty of landscapes, it goes without saying. But this time we were especially captivated by the care and participation of the staff. Capital made stops near picturesque places, even showed my friend how to operate a yacht. We caught tuna with the help of an instructor, spent the evening in Ibiza. All this time, the maid kept order in the cabins, cooked food.

We had a great time on this yacht, I recommend it, you won't regret it!

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